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Note: Updated on 7/10/2017.
Please find below the projected schedule for the 2017 year, giving the dates of all multi-day retreats, festival events or seminars which will be conducted this year. Kindly bear in mind that all of this is subject to unexpected change.

HH Romapada Swami in Govinda Kund, Vrindavan 2009

Dates: October 27 - Nov 6 2017
Contact: Preethy Menon

ISKCON of Central NJ

There will be a seminar during Thanksgiving 2017( Nov 22-26) on the theme of Prayers of Prahlad Maharaja

Contact: Prana Krishna das

Japa Retreat

Theme: Japa Retreat @ ISKCON CNJ
Venue: Plainfield NJ
Date: Dec 22-25 2016
Contact: Prana Krishna das

Sri Kishor Kishori, ISKCON Chicago

Theme: To be Decided(HG Dravida Prabhu is a confirmed guest!)
Venue: Chicago
Date: Dec 29 2017 - Jan 1 2018
Contact: Contact: Prabala Madhuri (vphanibharathi@gmail.com) or Lila Manjari (nidamarthy@gmail.com)


Venue: ISKCON Chicago

Date: Jan 12-14, 2018

Contact: Rasika Manjari dd (vinni82@hotmail.com)