Attributes of Krishna: All-powerful Krishna

                                                                  Q. Kindly inform me on what basis we identify Krishna/Bhagavan Vigraha, which is sat chit ananda, with deity/archa which is made up of matter. I want to know the Gaudiya logic and appropriate scriptural backing.

                                                                  Q. If Krishna can perform His hearing with His eyes, for example, then what is the purpose of His having eyes and also ears? Do jivas have the same capabilities?

                                                                  Q. In the Srimad Bhagavatam 1.7.36, Krishna reminds Arjuna: "A person who knows the principles of religion does not kill an enemy who is careless, intoxicated, insane, asleep, afraid or devoid of his chariot", thereby highlighting Ashwatthama's heinous crime. But during the Mahabharata war Krishna Himself advises Arjuna to kill Karna who was devoid of his chariot and not resisting. I find this contradictory and difficult to understand. Could you please clarify this matter?

                                                                  Q. In Bg 3.22 purport, Srila Prabhupada writes "Although He (Lord Krishna) is above all the regulations of the revealed scriptures, He does not do anything that violates the revealed scriptures". And similarly in 2.23p: "because He descended to establish the principles of religion He followed the prescribed rules. Otherwise, common men would follow in His footsteps, because He is the greatest authority."