Religion: Essence of Religion

                                                                  Q. I have been wondering about a lot a issues related to religion. I wonder if you can help me find some answers and direction. I sometimes feel confused. Knowing that we are going to die, what is the point of living?

                                                                  [NOTE: This question was presented by a 13 year old. The language within the answer has been chosen accordingly.]

                                                                  Q. I am from Southern part of India and it is true that the deities in South Indian style temples are different from our ISKCON deities. I have heard some people making comments about this and also the way deities are dressed/decorated. One person even asked me if I believe in north Indian Gods and their kind of worship. How should one answer such questions?

                                                                  Q. I have been pondering the unity of religions or the universality of religions, specifically how the essence is the same although the external aspects may differ. Can you shed some light on this?

                                                                  Q. What if someone is God conscious, but doesn't call God as Krishna or worship Him as the Indian-looking God?  What if they think of Him differently in their mind looks-wise, they have never heard of Vrindavan, tilak, etc.  But what if they seriously devote their entire life to God consciousness?  Let's say a Christian monk?  What happens to them when they leave their bodies? An elevated life next time around, perhaps a more elevated planet?  But no Godhead right? But how could that be? 

                                                                  Q. Bhagavad Gita says that if a living entity does not know that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, his life has no meaning. What I wish to know is what about persons who are from different religions like Muslims, Sikhs or Christians who do not know Krishna as the Supreme, though they are doing their duties faithfully. Are they differently treated by God? How can they attain the supreme planet of Lord Krishna?