Material Existence: Temporality of Material Existence

                                                                  Q. Part 1: Right now I don't know if I believe in God or not. I got this feeling because of recent Tsunami devastations. I didn't quite understand how God/nature can destroy so many innocent lives when they didn't do any bad karma, even if there might be few people who had done bad karma. I also couldn't understand how so many people were destined to die at the same time even though they didn't have anything in common.

                                                                  Q. Prabhupada told us to "Chant Hare Krishna and Be Happy". I have been chanting the maha mantra since two years and I am following the rules and regulations but I am still very unhappy. I guess that there is a problem somewhere with me. My life is a mess. Krishna gives me too many tests which I can't handle. I have been struggling with my spiritual life and I am tired now. I am helpless.

                                                                  Q. Srila Prabhupada has been explaining many times that Satyaloka is the topmost planet in the material universe. And material world is a place of miseries such as birth, disease, old age and death. But in SB 2.2.27, it said that "In the planet of Satyaloka, there is neither bereavement, nor old age nor death. There is no pain of any kind, and therefore no anxieties..." Can you please clarify this contradiction?