Material Existence: Nature of Material Existence

                                                                  Q. My mind has become very rational and logical. I am losing the faith on God due to one/two mistakes I have made in my life. I am feeling depressed and guilty about the incidents. Please let me know how to build the faith on God.

                                                                  Faith is built by association. Association with the modes of nature result in various kinds of faith in different categories of people, while association with the transcendental devotees of God builds our faith in God.

                                                                  Q. I have come to understand that in engaging oneself in spiritual life, one has to undergo a whole process of testing. This happens because Krishna is testing the devotee if he is ready for the spiritual world or not. What if one is scared of engaging oneself in spiritual life because of the fear that one will undergo an extreme testing phase? How would you encourage such a person to not lose hope and continue engaging oneself in spiritual life?