Mantra: Gayatri Mantra

                                                                  Q. I have grown up chanting the Gayatri Mantra but since joining Krishna consciousness movement, I was told that we can not do it until we are brahmana-initiated. Why is that?

                                                                  According to Vedic injunction, "sampradaya-vihina ye mantras te nisphala matah" i.e. unless one is initiated in the mantra by a bona fide spiritual master, coming in disciplic succession, the mantra will not be effective or will not give the desired result.

                                                                  Q. When you give 1st initiation you take all of your disciples Karma right, so if when you give 2nd initiation do you also take the karma that has accumulated in the time span between the two initiations or do you not take it until they are ready for the third initiation. This question has been a topic of debate also, but this time in my mind.

                                                                  This is an interesting question -- to address this, let us first try to understand what is involved in the absolving of karma during initiation.