Lord Krishna: Color of Lord Krishna

                                                                  Q. Why is Krishna's body (Krishna) bluish-blackish?

                                                                  We often get these sorts of questions and the answer generally given is "Well, He's God, therefore He can be any color He wants to be." But this isn't so satisfying. With the same logic, the question "Why does Krishna descend to the material world?" could be answered "Well, He's God, therefore He can go anywhere He wants to go." I doubt that answer is going to take us back to Godhead since Krishna gives us the promise that one who understands His appearance and activities will never take birth again. (BG 4.9)

                                                                  Q. Why is Krishna blue? why not red or yellow or any other color? Why is it that the Absolute Truth has a bluish complexion? It would be best to get some sastric references.

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