Lord Krishna: Krishna's Sweet Will

                                                                  Q. As I know, Lord Krishna appears in this material world with His original form (human-like form) in Kali-yuga. My question is why the Lord chooses to reveal Himself in His original form especially in this yuga?

                                                                  Q: Pertaining to the demons involved in Krishna's pastimes, how were these powerful entities manifested and from where and why were they emanated?
                                                                   The Lord enacts His pastimes in both the material and spiritual worlds. The demons are present only in the material world. Our acaryas describe that in the spiritual world there are only "rumors of demons"; that is to say, the bhava of intensified shelter-taking is present as if there were real demons present, but there are not demons in Goloka.

                                                                  Q. What is the secret of advancing in Krishna Bhakti from the Sadhana Bhakti (regulated devotional service) to the next stages?

                                                                  Bhakti is independent. In Digest 42, Q-2 we discussed how the appearance of bhakti in one's heart is independent of any material activity, and that bhakti is the cause of bhakti. One gets bhakti through the medium of a devotee, a carrier of bhakti. This holds true not only in the beginning but in the later stages of bhakti also.

                                                                  Q. Maharaj Paraksit was protected by Lord Krishna from the womb of Uttara because he was a spotless pure devotee. Now if that is the case:
                                                                  a) Normally it is told that such an elevated devotee doesn't have to take a rebirth and that he goes directly back to Godhead. Why should Paraksit Maharaj take a rebirth?

                                                                  b) If he was saved from the womb by Lord Krishna, when he had a death incurred by a sin, why was he not saved by the Supreme Personality?

                                                                  Q. While the preaching of Sri-Gita by Sri-Krishna to Arjuna was taking place, what were the others doing? Why were they simply waiting even though the war had already commenced by the blowing of holy conches? Why did Arjuna ask to take the chariot to the middle of the battlefield after the start of the war and not before?