Krishna Consciousness: Acting from the Spiritual Platform

                                                                  Q. People should help people just for the sake of helping them, and without any additional motivation. The propagation of that kind of behavior is the positive part of society in general. Doing everything for God negates the basic human decency of every good act, even though the outcome might be the same. The difference in motivation removes all of the good will from the equation. Essentially, people who do things only for indirect purposes are only automatons.

                                                                  Q. Does acting on the platform of soul (although i may not have realized that i am a soul) lead to the actual realization of soul?

                                                                  Q. I am a Mother, Wife, Daughter (in-law), Sister (in-law), Teacher, Friend and a human being. I believe in the Almighty, especially in the form of Lord Vishnu. I believe that He listens to me and guides me spiritually.

                                                                  Q. What should I do when my family duty conflict with my spiritual duty?

                                                                  This is a very broad topic!

                                                                  There is a lot to share on this important challenge you are facing!

                                                                  For starters, I will focus only on the OUTLOOK or the PERSPECTIVE with which your regard 'duty'.

                                                                  I will later send additional thoughts, because I want to help you, and support you, to get beyond this intense personal struggle.

                                                                  Best is to see family duty as a core part of your devotional service, or your spiritual duty -- not as something that is in conflict with your spiritual duty.

                                                                  A pertinent verse given by Rupa Goswami addresses this -

                                                                  In reality a person assumes different roles from birth till death - starting off as a son, brother, cousin, then a student, husband, father, and grandfather. In addition, there are professional roles like a Teacher/Professor, Mason, Carpenter, Leader, Manager etc.