Karma: Detached Karma

                                                                  Q. As a householder we do not have to give up our job, but change our consciousness in doing it. One way of doing it is to donate a portion of the income coming from the job for Lord Shri Krishna's service and use the rest to maintain and raise the family in Krishna consciousness.

                                                                  Q. In the Gita verse 2.47 ("Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities..."), does it mean that we are not the producers of our results? Does the sanskrit word "hetuh" = "cause"
                                                                  essentially mean the "producer" or does it imply something else?

                                                                  Yes,  BG 2.47 says precisely what He means to say: the jiva is not the cause of the results of activities.

                                                                  Please carefully read BG 5.14

                                                                  I am an optician and I sell spectacles. Srila Prabhupada mentions in almost all of his lectures that you should think of Krishna 24 hours. Since I am a businessman, I need to think about my business; therefore how do I follow Srila Prabhupada's instructions?

                                                                  Q. In Bhagavad-Gita 2.47, Lord Krishna says, "You have the right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty."

                                                                  Question a) In this world activities are performed with the results in mind and in fact the results are the motivation for one to do work. How does one perform his
                                                                  activities in this world without expectation of fruits / results?

                                                                  Q. Similarly in the case of animal sacrifices/hunting in Vedic times, why allow a license for such things (regardless of the benefit to the sacrificed animal, etc) - if wise people KNEW that in future common men will just misinterpret this and imitate blindly?