Karma: Principle of Karma

                                                                  Q. Initially the soul is considered to be qualitatively similar to the Supersoul. So when we are born in this material world, what is it that enjoys/suffers the karma, is it the soul? If the soul does not experience any kind of happiness or distress, if it is only in relation to the material body that is acquired, then how does karma play an important role in our next birth?

                                                                  Q. Will the karma of parents affect children or not? In other words, will good or bad reactions destined for parents be shared by the children? I had to disagree because of the following reasons:

                                                                  1) It seems unfair that a living entity A has to get the results of another living entity's (say B) karma which is done as a result of B's free will (and modes of material nature & supersoul sanctioning it).

                                                                  Q: My father is now deceased, but was a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. He was placed in a mental hospital for years.  My brother is also paranoid schizophrenic and is on strong medication.  I grew up observing the actions of the mentally ill.
                                                                  As such I look very carefully at the reasoning given.  I am a retired police officer and have come in contact with many people who are mentally ill.
                                                                  Now to the question, If a mentally ill person believes his delusion and acts according to it (harming or killing), does the mentally ill person acquire karma? 

                                                                  Q. We often hear devotees saying that whatever they or others are experiencing is due to their karma. So our question is, how does taking responsibility come into the picture? Can we just 'lay the blame' on past karma for our present misdeeds and wrongful activities and get away with it?