Kali Yuga: Defects of Kali Yuga

                                                                  Q. 1. I'm wondering how individual free will factors into the verses and purports describing the species of demoniac life. Specifically BG 16.19 - 20.

                                                                  Srila Prabhupada's purport states:
                                                                  "In this verse it is clearly indicated that the placing of a Particular individual soul in a particular body is the prerogative of the supreme will."

                                                                  "As for the demoniac, it is clearly said here that they are perpetually put into the wombs of demons, and thus they continue to be envious, the lowest of mankind."

                                                                  Q. I was reading your question and answer section on "Cow's milk" (Digest 19B), because I recently got some information that the cow's milk in America comes at the expense of a lot of suffering.  The cows are fed hormones and other things so they could give more milk, which makes them suffer a considerable amount.

                                                                  Q: I have been in Iskcon for about 5 years now and practising Krishna Consciousness. I have seen that in the Gaudiya literatures like Chaitanya Charitamrita , Mayavada philosophy is condemned. I do understand the fundamental principle of Advaita, Acintya Bheda Abheda and Dwaita philosophies and very much agree to our Acintya BhedaAbheda tattva. My question is, when Adi Sankaracharya has written few songs like Bhaja Govindam and Jagannatha Ashtakam, where he glorifies Krishna exhaustively, what is the reason that still Mayavadism is condemned in our society? I am very much confused because of this. Please kindly clarify my doubt.

                                                                  Q. My mind has become very rational and logical. I am losing the faith on God due to one/two mistakes I have made in my life. I am feeling depressed and guilty about the incidents. Please let me know how to build the faith on God.

                                                                  Faith is built by association. Association with the modes of nature result in various kinds of faith in different categories of people, while association with the transcendental devotees of God builds our faith in God.

                                                                  Q. In Hindu culture, in all pujas we used to pray first for Ganesa but we are not following this. Why?

                                                                  According to Vedic tradition, ceremonial rituals were generally begun by worshiping the demigod Ganesa; the reason for doing so is the fact that Ganapati drives away all impediments in the execution of such rituals. In the Brahma Samhita, prayers by Lord Brahma, it is stated that Ganesa worships the lotus feet of Lord Narasimhadev and has thus become a source of great auspiciousness and is able to clear all impediments. (Text 50)