Inconceivable Topics: Vishnu and Krishna

                                                                  Q. What are the similarities and differences between Vishnu and Krishna.

                                                                  Vishnu is a plenary expansion of Krishna or Lord Narayana for the purpose of material creation. He is the same as Krishna in the sense that all plenary expansions are equally powerful as Krishna. In that sense, all the expansions such as Narayana in Vaikuntha are called 'Vishnu tattva' as opposed to the jiva-tattva or the miniscule living entities.

                                                                  Q. 1. Is Lord Brahma guaranteed to return to Goloka Vrindavana at the end of his lifetime? I said that I believe it is not a guarantee but probably likely given that whichever jiva occupies the post of Lord Brahma will have 50/64 of the transcendental qualities.

                                                                  I have gone through several websites for 'DASAVATAR' (ten incarnations), and there is a confusion whether Lord Krishna is an avatar or Sri Hari (the original Supreme Lord) Himself Who came down on earth. At a few sites Krishna is shown as an avatar and Balarama also as an avatar of Ananta Sheshanaag (also Lakshmana); while on some others Balarama is presented as avatar and they treat Krishna as Sri Hari Himself, the original Avtari, not an avatar.

                                                                  Q. Why are worshipers of Krishna called Vaishnava, why not Krishnavas? Does this not indicate that we are actually worshippers of Vishnu?

                                                                  Q.  We know that Krishna is the supreme personality of Godhead and every soul is His eternal servant. Tilaka is considered to be the footprint of Lord Krishna with a Tulsi leave and therefore every devotee wears Tilaka in his/her forehead.
                                                                  Why then do we see a Tilaka in the Deity / Picture of Lord Krishna Himself? Could you please give any Shastrik reference to the explanation of the Tilaka on Krishna's forehead?

                                                                  Thank you for your question.

                                                                  There is nothing sastric that I am aware of to date, but there is tradition.