Inconceivable Topics: No Time in the Spiritual World

                                                                  Q. I was reading SB 3.26.5 purport where Prabhupada talks about nitya-baddha.

                                                                  How one can be nitya-baddha or eternally conditioned? One can take the process of devotional service seriously by accepting bona fide spiritual master and can achieve the transcendental association of the Lord and go beyond the cycle of birth and death. So, how one can be nitya-baddha or eternally conditioned? I thought a soul is temporarily conditioned.

                                                                  Q. I have a question about origins. We say Krishna is the source or origin of all incarnations and also all living entities. From Krishna expands Vishnu and all the other expansions. Does this mean there was some point in time when there were no expansions? We say in the spiritual world there is no time or time is conspicuous by its absence. But as soon as we say origin, it looks like the time factor is being introduced. So what does it mean to say origin in terms of spiritual matters?

                                                                  Q. Kala or time is said to be eternal. During creation, time exists. At annihilation, when the Universe is withdrawn with the body of Maha Vishnu, does time exist then? With everything being in a state of flux, there should be no change. Change is the effect of time. Without the effect what happens to the cause?