Divine Qualities: Tolerance

                                                                  Q. Prabhupada told us to "Chant Hare Krishna and Be Happy". I have been chanting the maha mantra since two years and I am following the rules and regulations but I am still very unhappy. I guess that there is a problem somewhere with me. My life is a mess. Krishna gives me too many tests which I can't handle. I have been struggling with my spiritual life and I am tired now. I am helpless.

                                                                  Q. Can you also please describe more on how to depend on Krishna? I will be very happy to take shelter of your instruction on this.

                                                                  In Digest 127 it was already discussed how one can depend on Krishna and remain undisturbed in case of unexpected reversals and difficulties in life.

                                                                  Q. I live in a devotee community and often feel that I don't know how to associate with others. I love them and try to serve them but all too often I just don't feel emotionally safe in their association. I don't feel free to be open in case they hurt me and thus I am wasting my life constantly holding back (defending like a kicked dog). I am desperate for some clarification on this point.

                                                                  Q. How should a neophyte treat the ups and downs in their material activities, considering that at this stage there is only realization but no implementation?

                                                                  Krishna answers this question for our benefit in the very beginning of Bhagavad-gita (2.14):

                                                                  matra-sparsas tu kaunteya / sitosna-sukha-duhkha-dah
                                                                  agamapayino 'nityas / tams titiksasva bharata

                                                                  Q. In case of King Chitraketu, King Chitraketu accepts the curse of Parvati Devi very happily, Parvati Devi cursed him without knowing full details and Vidura also went to pilgrimage without getting disturbed, both of them did not retaliate/oppose, did not get disturbed and did not try to correct the situation. While in case of Sisupala, Krishna tolerated insult without getting disturbed but after 101 mistakes, Krishna punished Sisupala. I clearly understand that we should not lose our composure and should not get disturbed but how to decide when to react and when to accept it or let it go.

                                                                  Q. My relationship with my mother has considerably improved. Even though we do not fight as much, we still argue quite a lot and we do sometimes fight, but for the time being it's quite peaceful. How can I improve my relationship with my mother?

                                                                  In addition to what you are already doing, which are major steps forward, here are some additional recommendations.