Divine Qualities: Self-control

                                                                  Q. I am getting married and I would like to know how to control my sexual feelings as a vaishnava. Will Krishna be angry with me if I chant and my wife does not want to chant?

                                                                  For a vaishnava, married life is an opportunity for cultivation of spiritual values. Take up the responsibility of marriage in a mood of service to another soul, a devotee of Krishna, a vaishnava. This quality, when cultivated over some time, will lift you above rajo-guna, and the mood of being the enjoyer.

                                                                  Q. Can you also please describe more on how to depend on Krishna? I will be very happy to take shelter of your instruction on this.

                                                                  In Digest 127 it was already discussed how one can depend on Krishna and remain undisturbed in case of unexpected reversals and difficulties in life.

                                                                  Q. If Bhishma was a devotee of the Lord, then why did he choose to fight against the Pandavas? Also why did he have to undergo a painful situation of lying down in a bed of arrows?

                                                                  In addition, why didn't Bhishmadev surrender to Lord Krishna like Vibhishana surrendered to Lord Rama? Is it because Bhishma gave more importance to his vow (his dharma) than to surrender to Krishna?

                                                                  Q. May I ask for some explanation for the role of the Supersoul in the appearance of a living being's desires? The whole process seems to be out of reach for a living being's self control.

                                                                  Q. My question is about Arjuna's softhearted, devotee-like nature, and not so Ksatriya-like nature. Varnashrama divisions are based on nature and not by birth. Though one may be born in any one of the varnas, one can be elevated to the position of a Vaishnava by practice of devotional service. Right?