Devotees: Queen Kunti

                                                                  Q. Recently I read this quote attributed to Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura purported to be published in the Harmonist (Sri Sajjana Tosani, Interview with Professor Johans, head of the Department of Philosophy, St. Xaviers College):

                                                                  Q. When I cook in the morning, I think of what my kids like or my husband likes and then cook for Krishna. I feel that I am pretending here. I want to do it for Krishna, but I am cooking what my husband likes. On the other hand, if I think only about cooking for Krishna and not for the family, I feel that I am betraying them. Since I have a relationship with my husband, I want to cook for him with love. Because I am full of dirt, its difficult for me to understand and apply the principle.  Please help me understand what I should be doing here to please Krishna.

                                                                  The items which your husand likes are all items which Krishna also likes, correct? Meaning...they are all offerable sattvik items.

                                                                  Q. I was wondering if our spiritual relationships or relationships in general carry on to the next life or the spiritual world. Let's say my significant other and me have a loving relationship that is also in the realm of Krishna consciousness, does this mean that we will be always connected in some capacity in future lifetimes? What about brother, sister, mother, father or friends?