Chanting: Mood of Chanting

                                                                  Q. If one is trying from some time to develop relationship with guru by following the process according to his sincerity, still that doesn't happen, or gratitude doesn't come. On contrary, he even struggles to stay awake in chanting. And due to this he feels hopeless and goalless (due to his fruitive mentality), then what should he do? Is there some hope for him? (I'm asking for myself.)

                                                                  Here are 3 thoughts to share with you:

                                                                  1) Be patient, continue with the best intelligence that Krishna provides you, and pray.

                                                                  I'm confused about the relationship between acquiring mode of goodness qualities, manifesting Vaisnava qualities, making endeavors, and chanting. For example, there seems to be a Catch-22 relationship between chanting and acquiring mode of goodness qualities.  I thought that attentive chanting would magically endow me with those qualities, yet we're supposed to endeavor to acquire these qualities so that we can chant more.

                                                                  Q. My question is regarding the Maha Mantra - HARE KRISHNA, HARE KRISHNA, KRISHNA, KRISHNA, HARE, HARE; HARE RAM, HARE RAM, RAM, RAM, HARE, HARE. Lords Krishna and Rama had different personalities and characters; both of them were avatara (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu in two different Yugas. My question is why these two names are combined in the Maha Mantra? Could you please kindly explain about the Maha Mantra? How did it derive? What are the meanings, if any, behind the Mantra?