Chanting: Proper Pronunciation

                                                                  Q. Is it OK to pronounce the Maha Mantra using Ram instead of Rama, as would be done in Hindi?

                                                                  Also, in Bengali dialect the sound comes closer to Ramo. Is that OK?

                                                                  BTG used to give this explanation: "Hare is pronounced huh-ray. Krsna is pronounced krish-na. And Rama rhymes with the English word drama."

                                                                  Since Rama is a sanskrit word, its not really acceptable to change it into an Indianized or Hindi-ized dialect version.

                                                                  Rama should be pronounced "Rama" as in drama.

                                                                  Q. If the name of the Lord is identical to Him, then is it not important that the name be pronounced correctly? For instance Krishna is pronounced in many ways, depending on the accent and the nationality of the person. Will all of these chanting be equally effective or is it important that one finds out the correct enunciation of the name and then chant in that manner?

                                                                  Q: I have a question that is particularly pointed at the chanting or repetition of mantras.
                                                                  For people who cannot speak in Sanskrit or Bengali or Odisa language, can mantras be translated into languages of their comfort so that they can repeat it with conviction and knowing fully well what it means?
                                                                  Most of us are ignorant of what a mantra means. After all it is positive reinforcement of the same thought or desire or wish or blessing or prayer. So why should it be complicated and why can't it be translated into multiple languages?
                                                                  Will it be diluted or will it be more empowered?