Anartha Nivrtti: Developing Good Habits

                                                                  Q. I would just like to ask if a bad person can love himself (is it allowed to)? Can this help him to become a better person?

                                                                  Each one of us is part and parcel of Krishna. Thus originally we are all pure; the soul itself is neither bad or good.

                                                                  Q. It is still a challenge for me to wake up early, so it is often difficult for me to finish chanting my rounds before class, and I often need to finish them later in the day. I have found that I can finish my chanting in the morning if I do not have homework to do, but it is a challenge for me to motivate myself to wake up early enough to have time to do a lot of homework and also do all of my chanting. Do you have any advice that might help me to motivate myself to wake up earlier? Hopefully I will be able to solve this problem next semester by having more time in the afternoon and evening to do my homework.

                                                                  Q. My daughter who is in 9th grade has fear of exams. As her mother, how can I help her relax?

                                                                  The best and most long-lasting help you can give your daughter is to help create a God-centered loving atmosphere at home which is founded on a lifestyle in the mode-of-goodness (sattva guna). This will not only address her fear of exams, but help her form strong character that will enable her to face any situation in life.

                                                                  Q. I have a question about how to break the maya and to deal with karmic baggage. I come from a highly intelligent family. I however, suffer from manic depression. I am the youngest and the least intelligent. So, things are more difficult for me.

                                                                  The good news is that the Gita IS taking hold. Because of the Gita, issues and problems are beginning to heal and my behavior has changed drastically over the four months that I have listened to it. I enjoy working and giving my work to Krishna, and I enjoy the nectar of an audio Gita everyday.

                                                                  Q. How can one tell the difference between a devotee who is legitimately practicing raganuga sadhana and someone who may be sincere but misguidedly and inappropriately disregarding vidhi sadhana in the name of raganuga bhakti? How would one preach to a devotee of the latter type?

                                                                  I would rather have a personal discussion with you about this rather than provide an extensive reply; the subject of your question is delicate, and to treat the subject properly a cursory response is not satisfying.
                                                                  Nonetheless, I will attempt to offer a succinct to-the-point response.

                                                                  Q.  When we come to spiritual life and understand that we have many bad habits due to being conditioning in the material world for long time, we try to over come the habits by knowledge of shastras, hearing lectures from devotees, by performing service to Vaishnavas and the Lord etc. Some habits are easy to give up, some take little endeavor to overcome and some habits are really very hard to give up. We try our best to overcome these anarthas, but these deeply rooted anarthas seem impossible to overcome. For some time it seems that we have overcome the habits, but after some time they come back to haunt us again and become stumbling block on path of devotion. How do we deal with these kind of Bad Habits or anarthas?