Reference to Vaishnava Literatures: Brihad-Bhagavatamrta

                                                                  Q. 1. We have heard that those who are celibate from birth go to Brahmaloka, but they are not pure devotees. So how can they go back to Godhead with Brahma? Is it possible that when they are in Brahmaloka they then develop love of Godhead, perform pure devotional service and get qualified to go back?

                                                                  Q. Recently I read this quote attributed to Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura purported to be published in the Harmonist (Sri Sajjana Tosani, Interview with Professor Johans, head of the Department of Philosophy, St. Xaviers College):

                                                                  Q. Brhat-bhagavtamrta is BBT's latest publication. On p 414 there is indication that Karna and Duryodhana were 'partial incarnations of demons'. Could you supply the background to this statement? Was it due to the past life of Karna, or some other reason as to why he was destined to suffer so much, and do so many bad things? What wrong deeds had he done in his previous life or in his present life as Karna?

                                                                  There are three different angles to consider this from. The first is simply from a scriptural or textual point of view.