Yoga: Nishkama Karma Yoga

                                                                  Q. As a householder we do not have to give up our job, but change our consciousness in doing it. One way of doing it is to donate a portion of the income coming from the job for Lord Shri Krishna's service and use the rest to maintain and raise the family in Krishna consciousness.

                                                                  Questions Preface: Thanks so much for all the inspiration you have given me in Krishna consciousness through your lectures and the Q&A forum. I have a question regarding the differences between bhakti yoga and nishkama karma yoga on the platform of knowledge (detached from work and fruits of the work, but still performing work as per Krishna's injunctions in chapter 3). It seems that sometimes these two terms are used interchangeably and sometimes they are distinguished. Based on this, I have a few questions:

                                                                  Q. I was living happily in this world getting good material opulence by the mercy of Lord. But in midst of this, I came across the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness and it opened my eyes as what I was doing with my life. But very often there have been times when I was working in ignorance trying to be happy in this world and put all my energy into mundane research. But sometimes I get glimpse of knowledge about this world and feel a great repentance and foolishness on my part.

                                                                  Q. Recently I am applying for jobs. Unfortunately I am not able to link "WORKING" (i.e. getting a job) with Krishna. I tried many different analogies: like working to buy new clothes for Krishna, working to make food for Krishna, working to keep the home clean for Krishna...but I think that my husband's earnings are enough to do these things. I grew up with a very strong academic background. My mind cannot even think of being a staying-at-home mom. But if I just try to get a job for my satisfaction, I am not at peace. My mind is only at peace when I can do things for Krishna.

                                                                  1. Is there a verse in the Bhagavad-gita which literally says that we should offer the fruit of our work (hard-earned money from our jobs, profession) to Krishna? If yes, kindly point out the verse for me.
                                                                  2: What is the difference between surrendering our work to Krishna, and surrendering the fruit of our work to Krishna?