Yoga: Yogic Mysticism

                                                                  Q: I heard that practicing mysticism is defiant.
                                                                  What exactly is classified as mysticism?  In the west things like astrology and palmistry are considered "mysticism" to a point, but these are bonafide sciences in vedic culture.
                                                                  You are correct: the Western perspective of mysticism wherein astrology and palmistry are seen as 'mystical' or 'occult' is a misnomer. They are indeed sciences, to be practiced by a qualified brahmana.

                                                                  Q. Is there a science that explains miraculous activities like assuming a gigantic form, multiplying into many forms etc.?

                                                                  Q. Where should we desire to go to? Some say to desire Goloka Vrndavana, and some say not to desire to go anywhere. I am really confused.

                                                                  Pure devotees of Krishna do not desire anything for themselves. They simply desire to serve Krishna, from whichever place that Krishna wants to send them to. They do not make conditions that they will serve Krishna only if He will give them liberation and take them to Goloka. This is however a very, very advanced and pure stage of devotion. In our