Mood of Loving Krishna: Love in Separation

                                                                  Q. We all know of the great epic of Lord Krishna, the holy war between good and bad but on the other end I have few questions unanswered:

                                                                  Q. I hear that many elevated devotees (including the gopis) also feel distress in separation from Krishna and some express those in their inability to do devotional service properly. Do they really feel distress? Isn't spiritual life, being the opposite of material life, supposed to be blissful? Can you please clear up my doubt?

                                                                  Suddha and abhasa are as different as an object and its reflection.

                                                                  Material distress is illusion, in all respects.

                                                                  When there is attachment for Krishna, however, the feelings related to His separation are but an intensification of love, and thus delightfully enjoyable, although by the standards of illusion "the pain of separation" appears to be suffering.