Scene of dying Bhismadeva

Summary: This is a most beautiful set of prayers, offered by the Mahajana Bhishmadeva directly to Lord Krishna at the very moment of his departure from his body. Picture the departure scene within your mind, and then read the prayers with great relish and feeling! Try reading them aloud, with real feeling, a few times. Such powerful prayers!

Yamadutas appeared in front of Ajamila

Summary: Due to sins performed in this life, many persons are destined to see the Yamadutas at the time of death and to be taken to Yamaraja for determining their next life's destination in a hellish region. Srila Prabhupada was keenly aware of this danger, addressing his audience as agents who could help avert this calamity. The position of surrender to Krishna is a position of fearlessness.

Reading Assignment Selected quotes "The Time of Death - Terminal Restlessness"