Krishna the Supreme refuge
December 5, 2007

Summary: While in Vrndavan for our Yatra, we visited Chir Ghat, the place where Krishna stole the garments of the gopis. It is a very sublime place, as is the lila performed by Krishna there. After extracting total surrender from the young gopis, Krishna promised them: "O saintly girls, I understand that your real motive in this austerity has been to worship Me. That intent of yours is approved of by Me, and indeed it must come to pass." The young girls ardently wanted Krishna as their husband, and so He promised to fulfill their desire. In fact he did so, both by way of His rasa-lila, and by way of marrying their expansions in Dwaraka. See the following text from Srila Sanatana Goswami's Brhad-bhagavatamrta for evidence.

An Associated Counterpart of the Supreme Lord
April 2, 2008

Reading assignment

(From Sri Sajjana Toshani)

The Sanskrit word "guru" ordinarily means "heavy", as opposed to "laghu", meaning "light". In its technical and etymological sense, the meaning of the term is, "One who by his super-human (atimartya) personality, as well as by the light of the transcendent force of his devout character, dispels the dark ignorance of the human heart and instills himself into the lives of those who unconditionally and sincerely surrender themselves to his divine feet." Such is the great personality, the highest ideal that bears the appellation of guru in the sastras. Hence the sruti says:

tad-vijnanartham sa gurum evabhigacchet

Kardama Muni remembering Kapiladev

Summary: The relationship between Lord Brahma and Kardama Muni is that of father to son. Yet the father is honoring the son, due to the son's properly honoring the father. Specifically, the fruit of the son's quality of properly respecting his father is that he has made himself eligible to receive the SPG as *his* son!