Indra offends Brhaspati by being puffed up due to his material opulence
September 14, 2006

Summary: As I have expressed again and again, "Respect is the fabric of any relationship". Since we are constitutionally servants, respect will be in the hearts of those who are *lovingly* serving their masters. Fear and obedience or duty are also motivators of service, but respect is higher. The damage of disrespect in relationships is obvious, and all too common. Disrespect to others is the byproduct of disrespect to Krishna, the Supreme Master. Conversely, respect offered to others *on a plane of spiritual consciousness* is respect offered to Krishna. To advance in Krsna Consciousness, what to speak of simply being happy in life, we must cultivate the quality of genuine respect for others. (See questions below)

Reading Assignment


Kardama Muni remembering Kapiladev

Summary: The relationship between Lord Brahma and Kardama Muni is that of father to son. Yet the father is honoring the son, due to the son's properly honoring the father. Specifically, the fruit of the son's quality of properly respecting his father is that he has made himself eligible to receive the SPG as *his* son!

Srila Prabhupada

Summary: Prabhupada's oceanic affection and practical instructions abound in his letters. Here is a small collection of his letters, disclosing his soothing words applied to the wounded feelings of disciples feeling intense separation from him. I included some other parts of certain letter's text because I found them to be practical and relevant.


1) How does Srila Prabhupada instruct that we should view and value our feelings toward our Spiritual Master?

2) How did he instruct us to value our feelings of separation? How can we relieve the pain of separation, and how can we increase our feelings of connectedness to the Spiritual Master?

Srila Prabhupada, our eternal Spiritual master

Summary: Questions often arise in relation to the eternality of the guru and disciple relationship, and what are the threshold criteria necessary to go back to Godhead. Srila Prabhupada addresses these questions below. Please note how important it is that we internalize the conclusions of the scriptures as an integral part of how we lead our life, with great faith and conviction; it is not sufficient to intellectually accept them! To reach this stage requires tivrena-bhaktiyogena (see Srimad Bhagavatam 2.3.10; 3.2.4), sustained by very careful training. If we are practicing sincerely, then we can expect to progress towards this goal. This should be our firm faith, as well as our aspiration.