Narada Muni simply desires deliverance of others

Summary: In the Sixth Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam, we find several narrations where contrasting exchanges between outstanding performers of fruitive activities according to Vedic codes and outstanding devotees of the Lord are narrated. Here the expert producer of progeny, Prajapati Daksa, is exhibiting his abilities on the one hand, and his blindness due to attachement and pride on the other. Narada remains transcendental in all circumstances, simply desiring to see the deliverance of others --- even the attached, even at great personal risk.


1) What was it that Daksa failed to understand about Narada's instructions to his many sons? Why?

2) Under what circumstances would Daksa's objections have been justified?

Krsna, the resting place of alll opulences

Summary: An age-old question that one hears from those who are seriously pursuing spirituality is the role material knowledge should pay in a life of devotion to Krishna. This question becomes increasingly raised in a society in which a family's income is dependent upon the academic credentials a prospective employee can produce in his resume. Is a formal (material) education an asset or a detriment in one's progress in spiritual life?