Archa-Vigraha or Deity: Worship of Gaura Nitai

                                                                  Q. I heard that Gaura-Nitai is the most merciful incarnation of Krishna for this age of Kali. Being born in India, I have been seeing Radha and Krishna since birth. So I feel somewhat connected there. It is not the same with Gaura-Nitai or Jagannath-Baladev-Subhadra Maharani. But unless we get mercy from Gaura-Nitai, it is very difficult to get taste for chanting. Please let me know how I can make myself better so that my prayers to Gaura-Nitai become more heartfelt.

                                                                  Q. Can a devotee of Lord Krsna who Has not been initiated yet but has been following all the instruction from HDG Prabhupada is allowed to worship Lord Krsna Archa Vigraha form in his house?

                                                                  Q. I have a question regarding arati songs. Is it mandatory to sing only Gaura arati irrespective of the Deity we have on the altar? I have Lord Rama's Deity and while serving the Deity, I sing some particular songs which glorify Lord Rama. If there is not a single word in these songs that are not in line with Shastra, can these be sung and followed by singing of the Maha-Mantra? Though these songs do not come directly from our parampara, can't they be accepted if they are so good and flawless? [These arati songs are written by Goswami Tulsi Das, some in Sanskrit and some others in Awadhi (a popular North Indian dialect of Hindi) and are very popular in North Indian temples.]