Vedic Knowledge: Sambandha Jnana

                                                                  Q. What does the action of "knowing God" (Sriman Narayana or Krishna) contain?
                                                                  We referred many time during our discussions that there are many facts in scriptures (e.g. very precise calculations already detailed that modern science is just finding again). Is this part of knowing GOD, or are there many aspects of knowing GOD and this is just one of them? With respect to the meaning of one's life, does knowing God mean something different?

                                                                  Q. 1. How is our soul a part of Krishna?
                                                                  A. The analogy of a spark to a blazing fire is given to describe our relationship with Krsna. We are the energy of Krsna and are just like a small spark of the Infinite Absolute.
                                                                  We have our individual identity and freewill, but we can never function independently of Krsna.

                                                                  Q. Could you please tell me how to express myself as part of Krishna and Rama? How to prepare myself so that the Lord accepts me?

                                                                  Q. Although it is clear that Gauranga Mahaprabhu is the all-munificent avatar of Kali age, it is often found in ISKCON that there is less concentration in description of Lord Caitanya's pastimes? Why is this so? Even after long association in some congregations, very few pastimes of Lord Caitanya are described. How is that we could get attracted to Gauranga in this scenario?