Surrendering to Krishna: Acting as an instrument

                                                                  Q. If Buddha and Krishna are the same Person then why is there a contradiction in Their teachings? While Buddha preached non-violence, why does Krishna justify anger and violence?

                                                                  I have seen that over time, some of the teachings of Buddha have been modified to suit the times. Could the same have happened to Krishna's teachings also?

                                                                  Q. 1. Is there a difference between Bhakti and Saranagati?

                                                                  Bhakti is devotion, or service in devotion. Saranagati is the act of submission and surrender.

                                                                  Q.  I have a question regarding initiation names. Usually initiation names are given as Krishna/Devotee's Das for Male devotees and Radharani/Devotee's Dasi for Female Devotee's. Does this name have any special significance apart from indicating being Servant of Krishna/Radharani/devotee? Also, during discussion with a devotee, this question came up, if the name is eternal (indicating the servant of the particular form/feature of the lord/devotee)- the female devotees will all be female forms in the spiritual world(Dasi) and male devotee's will all be male forms(Das) ?

                                                                  Q. Part1: This is with regard to 'disliking other devotees' (referred to in a previous digest). Whilst I understand it is possible to forgive a person who has caused physical pain to another person, I have wondered for sometime about the following.