Stages in Krishna Consciousness: Steadiness

                                                                  Q. Prabhupada had undergone so many troubles in his life; still he continued his preaching in his life even after having so many temples to manage. That was his success. But when we are trying to follow his teachings in our life, why are we not able follow it perfectly?

                                                                  Sometimes we say Maya is so strong. What will happen to us? When we are sick, it is so difficult to even complete 16 rounds. Why does this happen to us?

                                                                  Q. Where does it say that the Hare Krishna maha-mantra should be chanted on beads? I chant every day, but without using the beads, since using the beads breaks my concentration. Please clarify if I can only become a devotee by chanting on beads?

                                                                  Q. I have read in many places about the phrase 'fall down'. I am a bit confused about what is the meaning of fall down of a devotee?

                                                                  What does it actually mean when we say a devotee (both a neophyte and a elevated devotee) has fallen down? When can I consider that I have fallen down? Is it that when we deviate from the instructions of the spiritual master in a broader sense, or is it when we break any regulative principle; or is it both, or is it anything else? A Pure devotee cannot fall down (by Krishna's Grace). For aspiring devotees like us, since we are not pure, we are anyways fallen. So how can we identify that event of fall down  and take a recourse action to reinstate ourselves?

                                                                  Q. When one has a goal of becoming a mature sadhaka in Krishna Consciousness, what exactly should we think of?

                                                                  Here are some preliminary thoughts on this wonderful question. In addition to keeping your devotional practices intact with fixed regularity, here are some specific qualities that a mature devotee will exhibit.