Stages in Krishna Consciousness: Giving up bad association

                                                                  Q. 1. In ISKCON devotees always say that we should talk about Lord only. I work in a public sector corporation. I have many friends; they are materially very much attached. They tease me and they even tease my Lord.

                                                                  Q. I am trying my best to have devotees association but unable to approach them. Can I have the association through internet? But there are so many sites and I don't know whom to trust.

                                                                  Cyber-sanga is best restricted to those whose character you already know, from first hand personal experience of interacting with them.

                                                                  Q. I have heard that in Krishna consciousness it is bad to be in contact with non-devotees. But I am a student who stays in a hostel. So what can I do to avoid contamination of mind when I have to live with non-devotees even though I am an initiated devotee.

                                                                  Q. My parents are not devotees. When they go to parties, they force me to accompany them and I get very frustrated because I am forced to tolerate materialists all round me. I try to preach but in the end I find myself more frustrated because there are some persons who find all kinds of arguments to contradict me and when I refute them, they just go on talking and do not give me the opportunity to voice out, thus forcing me to listen to them. What should I do?