Stages in Krishna Consciousness: Forming a Spiritual Conception

                                                                  Q. What does the term self-realization mean? Does it refer to the understanding that we are not these bodies or the understanding that we are servants and our prime most duty is to serve Krishna?

                                                                  Q. Should we keep our objective as serving Radha-Krishna and devotees without worrying about going back to Godhead, or should we aspire for this too?

                                                                  Should we focus on whatever we do in Krishna consciousness (however small) and do it with our heart (as this will stay with me forever and Krishna will help me continue this) or should we focus on completion (of Krishna consciousness)?

                                                                  Q. 1. As advised by you I read BG 2.56 and 4.10. I now understand how attachment, fear and anger can prevent us from moving forward on this path. In my own case I have great fear of losing what I have if I take this path. I feel that I have worked hard for getting whatever I have and I will lose it all on this path. I guess I have taken shelter of whatever fruits I have obtained through my hardwork.  I did not have this fear earlier, I feel it only now.

                                                                  Q. My question is about Arjuna's softhearted, devotee-like nature, and not so Ksatriya-like nature. Varnashrama divisions are based on nature and not by birth. Though one may be born in any one of the varnas, one can be elevated to the position of a Vaishnava by practice of devotional service. Right?

                                                                  Q. Although it is clear that Gauranga Mahaprabhu is the all-munificent avatar of Kali age, it is often found in ISKCON that there is less concentration in description of Lord Caitanya's pastimes? Why is this so? Even after long association in some congregations, very few pastimes of Lord Caitanya are described. How is that we could get attracted to Gauranga in this scenario?