Srimati Radharani: Position of Lakshmi Devi

                                                                  Q: Recently, I had a nice debate with one of my close devotee friends here in the Boston temple over the position on our home altar of a photo of Sri Yasoda-Damodara relative to the position on the same altar of a photo of Lakshmi Devi – the eternal consort of Lord Narayana. This led to the following questions which I will be very grateful to get answers for.

                                                                  Q. 2. In olden days as far as I know people used to worship Lord Sri Krishna only. I think it was in our (ISKCON) spiritual line Sri Sri Radha Krishna are worshiped?

                                                                  You have asked a very interesting question, regarding the introduction of Radha and Krishna worship, as opposed to worship of Lord Sri Krishna without Srimati Radharani.