Spiritual World: Goloka Vrindavan

                                                                  Q. It is stated that all the Vishnu forms are eternal. Are there separate lokas for the Kurma, Matsya, Varaha, Narasimha, Rishabhadev, Parasurama forms? If so why does the Bhagavatam say that the form of Narasimha was never seen by anybody before? And also what about the form of Lord Caitanya? If He is eternal, where is His planet?

                                                                  Q: Varnasrama dharma is on the material platform and daivi-varnasrama dharma is on the platform of devotional service.  Does daivi-varnasrama dharma exist in Goloka vrndavan or is it for the devotees who live in this material world?

                                                                  In Goloka, Nanda Maharaja and the Vrijavasis are cowherds, and the Yadus are kings!

                                                                  In this realm, Varnasrama is easier for people in general, who have a weaker desire or attraction for devotion to God, to relate to and thus become slowly and progressively advanced on the spiritual path. Therefore, for the sake of bringing conditioned souls to the point of Krsna consciousness, varnasrama has its place.