Spirit Soul: Attribute of the Soul

                                                                  Q. It is described that the individual spirit spark measures less than 1/10,000th the tip of a hair. How is it that something spiritual has a material measurement? Wouldn't this mean that the spiritual sky has limited material dimensions also?

                                                                  Q. We say that both the subtle and gross body belong to this material creation. A person's destination depends upon his consciousness at the time of death. So my question is whether our consciousness is material or spiritual. Does a person go to spiritual world with his consciousness (material or spiritual)? Are soul and consciousness the same?

                                                                  Q.  I was having discussion with one of my known friends who is running his own church. I was explaining about our Vedic philosophy. When the discussion came about soul, he asked me again ~ am I talking about spirit or soul? I said both are the same. In reply, he explained they both are completely different. He said, Spirit is the one within the body whereas soul is made up of mind, emotions and consciousness. Often we refer simply as soul or we refer to the ‘self’ as spirit soul. I humbly request you to clear up this question.

                                                                  Q: Is the total number of jivatmas (both in the spiritual world and material world) fixed or is Krishna creating new jivatmas all the time?