Spirit Soul: Understanding Spirit Soul

                                                                  Q. What happens to our spiritual bodies once we take on a material body?
                                                                  A. The spiritual body (or spirit soul) is described as being situated in the region of the heart and is covered by the subtle and gross material coverings. Prabhupada compares this to a man wearing a shirt and coat. It is the spirit soul (or spiritual body) which is activating the material body, just as when the man's hands move, the arms of coat also move. In other words, the spiritual body is present, but covered and existing in a dormant state.

                                                                  Q. It is said that spirit is very tiny invisible to the gross material eye! but for any person willing to do bhakti, he should first understand distinction between body and spirit! For a neophyte how is it possible to know about something(spirit) which is not visible to gross material senses! For the gross materialists won't this be an easy argument for atheism?

                                                                  Q.  Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that whatever one thinks at the time of death leads to his next body. My question is: what if someone dies in an accident or is completely unconscious at the time of leaving his body, although that person was a very pious devotee during his lifetime? What kind of body would such a person get in each of these situations?

                                                                  Q.  I was having discussion with one of my known friends who is running his own church. I was explaining about our Vedic philosophy. When the discussion came about soul, he asked me again ~ am I talking about spirit or soul? I said both are the same. In reply, he explained they both are completely different. He said, Spirit is the one within the body whereas soul is made up of mind, emotions and consciousness. Often we refer simply as soul or we refer to the ‘self’ as spirit soul. I humbly request you to clear up this question.