Sin: Counteracting Sin

                                                                  Q. I recently heard the story of Lord Yamaraj cursed by a Sage to be born as Sri Vidura. When the Sage heard from Yama-dharmaraj that his child-hood mistakes caused the Sage to undergo much suffering, the sage got angry and cursed. {Editor's note: The reference is to the history of Manduka Muni, see SB 1.13.1 purport}

                                                                  Q. I've heard three different versions of the end result of Ajamila's story.
                                                                  a) Because he chanted Lord Narayana's name at the time of death, he is liberated; b) He is given another chance to be born again to lead a Krishna Conscious life; c) He is given another chance in the same lifetime to lead a Krishna Conscious life. Which of the above is true? Should not the first one be the correct version, because according to Bhagavad-gita if we chant Krishna's names at the time of death we will be liberated?

                                                                  Q. Does Sri Krishna forgive anybody who seeks His refuge even after sinning? Are there sins that Krishna cannot tolerate and does not accept?

                                                                  Q. Even after doing lot of pious activities, devotional services one still undergoes lot of suffering? Why?
                                                                  What is the solution? Good people go through bad things and Bad people go through good things? Why?

                                                                  Q. When you give 1st initiation you take all of your disciples Karma right, so if when you give 2nd initiation do you also take the karma that has accumulated in the time span between the two initiations or do you not take it until they are ready for the third initiation. This question has been a topic of debate also, but this time in my mind.

                                                                  This is an interesting question -- to address this, let us first try to understand what is involved in the absolving of karma during initiation.

                                                                  Q. Krishna says "I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear." However I have heard that it is not possible to escape from Karma at all. Therefore, what does this mean? Is it a white lie to encourage people to come back?

                                                                  I have committed a lot of sin that I am not proud of and repent everyday. The thought of having to repay them is overwhelming. One of the primary reasons for embracing Krishna Consciousness was this deliverance. However, it does not seem certain that I could escape the effects of this Karma at all.