Attributes of Krishna: All-knowing Krishna

                                                                  Q. Both in spiritual life and also in material life people speak of attitude. What should be the approach of a spiritual aspirants towards other spiritual aspirants and with materialists?

                                                                  Q. If Krishna knows everything that is going to happen, and has complete control of everything, then how is this leela fun for Him? Wouldn't it be entertainment for Krishna only if there was some degree of suspense?

                                                                  Q. I have come to understand that in engaging oneself in spiritual life, one has to undergo a whole process of testing. This happens because Krishna is testing the devotee if he is ready for the spiritual world or not. What if one is scared of engaging oneself in spiritual life because of the fear that one will undergo an extreme testing phase? How would you encourage such a person to not lose hope and continue engaging oneself in spiritual life?