Sampradaya or Disciplic Succession: Four Bona fide Disciplic Succession

                                                                  Q. Why does a particular sampradaya not just teach as it is what it believes in, instead of trying to compare and contrast with other sampradayas and constantly try to prove its view point or interpretation as the last word?

                                                                  Q. We are taught to accept Guru as he represents the disciplic line. I've read and heard that guru always speaks without deviation from the previous Acharya in the line. I was wondering about the difference between Sri Madhvacharya and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Specifically as it pertains to our line, and the question of authenticity.

                                                                  Q. Which are the things which Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has taken from four sampradayas?

                                                                  The list of items that Lord Caitanya accepted from the four sampradayas are as follows.

                                                                  Madhva : 1. Complete Rejection of Mayavad philosophy
                                                                  2. Dedication to the Service of the Deity of Krsna

                                                                  Ramanuja: 1. Pure devotional service, unpolluted by karma and jnana
                                                                  2. Service to the vaisnavas

                                                                  Visnuswami: 1. Sentiment of Exclusive Dependence on Krsna
                                                                  2. Raga-marg or Spontaneous devotion

                                                                  Q. Why is Srila Prabhupada awarded the title Acharya - doesn't one of the meanings of acharya mean one who has started something new? We call Madhvacharya or Shankaracharya as acharya and not swami because he started something new, isn't it? But Srila Prabhupada didn't start something new, he just brought it to the western world, so what is the understanding why he is given the title Acharya? I would really appreciate your answer to this question.

                                                                  Q. Where can I find a list of disciplic succession starting from Krishna down? I know that we have to have a spiritual master in the disciplic succession, so I want to know who and where does the disciplic succession start?