Sampradaya or Disciplic Succession: Importance of Disciplic Succession

                                                                  Q. While practicing Krishna consciousness, sometimes I am very enthusiastic and sometimes I feel very morose. The cause for being morose is not being able to see any change in my attitude. Please help me.

                                                                  Q. I have a question that is bothering me. I went last year to see MATA AMRITANDAMAYI also known as AMMA. She is a big devotee of Lord Krishna, always speaks of Lord Krishna's glories. She has the same message to humankind that our place is with the Lord and that we have to go back to Lord Krishna. My question is, I have seen devotees of amma chanting "om nama shivaya". So I am confused. What is the difference between the maha mantra and this mantra?

                                                                  I hope you would enlighten me on this.

                                                                  Q. Did Caitanya Mahaprabhu also accept that Madhvacarya was Jagat guru or did he disregard that fact because as He is the incarnation of God, He can do anything. Why don't you celebrate Madhva Navami when even Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Himself claimed Himself to be a follower of Madhva? I would really appreciate the answers to these Questions.

                                                                  Q. How can I guard against being too sentimental when it comes to the guru/disciple relationship?

                                                                  I tend to romanticize about how nice it would have been to know, say, Jesus, but would I recognize Him if He were here today? The same can be applied to Prabhupada.  I

                                                                  romanticize and become quite sentimental about how nice it would have been to have seen Him face to face, but would I have been surrendered any more if I had? This all leads to (the way I am) seeing Prabhupada's disciples today.  Just as I would like to have seen Prabhupada "in the flesh", I'm now seeing His disciples "in the flesh", but I'm not any more surrendered.