Sadhana Bhakti: Deriving Spiritual Strength

                                                                  Q. 1. My problem is that I have to spend most of my time for my academic studies and have very little left for chanting and other spiritual activities. This makes me very frustrated. Please advice me how can I advance in my spiritual life?

                                                                  Q. One of my close friends has stopped chanting the Hare Krishna maha-mantra saying that since the mantra destroys all material desires, as a grhastha (householder), he needs the material motivation to support his family, and also that chanting the maha-mantra while maintaining material desires is offensive. He has taken to the chanting of Sri Lakshmi Suktam, which awards material prosperity and also indirectly reminds him of Lord Vishnu. How do I explain things properly to him?

                                                                  Q. Can a mantra really neutralize the sins already done or does it only give the courage to bear the pain (result)?

                                                                  The Holy Name of God can actually eradicate the reactions for all the sins already committed.

                                                                  Not only that, scriptures state that when properly chanted, hari-nama can destroy more sins than one can possibly ever commit.