Process of Devotional Service: Dasyam or Becoming a Servant

                                                                  Q: How does one properly engage himself in the service of Krishna?
                                                                  Nectar of Devotion describes nine processes of devotional service, beginning with hearing and chanting about Krishna under the guidance of a bonafide spiritual master, in the association of devotees, one can gradually achieve the highest perfection in serving Krsna with devotion.

                                                                  Q: I would like to know what the difference is between pada-sevanam and dasyam.
                                                                   Also, what category does book distribution, cooking and cleaning belong to?
                                                                   Also what does atma-nivedanam mean in practicality when I have a job and live like a Congregational member? Is the 12-step program that AA alcoholic anonymous practice a form of atma-nivedanam? And to what degree?


                                                                  Q. Where should we desire to go to? Some say to desire Goloka Vrndavana, and some say not to desire to go anywhere. I am really confused.

                                                                  Pure devotees of Krishna do not desire anything for themselves. They simply desire to serve Krishna, from whichever place that Krishna wants to send them to. They do not make conditions that they will serve Krishna only if He will give them liberation and take them to Goloka. This is however a very, very advanced and pure stage of devotion. In our

                                                                  In reality a person assumes different roles from birth till death - starting off as a son, brother, cousin, then a student, husband, father, and grandfather. In addition, there are professional roles like a Teacher/Professor, Mason, Carpenter, Leader, Manager etc.