Offenses: Offenses against devotees

                                                                  If one commits offenses against devotees, and also has a strong false ego problem, then how to purify it and rectify the offenses? How to convert false ego?

                                                                  The way to overcome false ego is to cultivate real ego. Our real identity, constitutionally, is that we are eternal servants of Krishna and servants of His servants. By diligently cultivating a spiritual vision, by seeing ourselves as humble servants of the devotees and being in the attitude of serving them beneficially, replaces offensive and false egoistic mentality.

                                                                  Q. Does Sri Krishna forgive anybody who seeks His refuge even after sinning? Are there sins that Krishna cannot tolerate and does not accept?

                                                                  Q. We are studing 10 offences recently. i have some questions from Harinama Cintamani. can you help me in this regard?

                                                                  Questions from Harinama Cintamani:

                                                                  Q. 1. There are four kinds of blasphemy of a devotee. The offender criticizes a Vaisnava about
                                                                  1) his caste, or
                                                                  2) some unpremeditated accidental fall-down,
                                                                  3) or the last traces of his previous sins,
                                                                  4) or his sinful activities prior to his surrendering to Lord Krsna.

                                                                  Such an offender will never develop a taste for chanting the holy name.

                                                                  What is the difference between #2 and #3? Can you give some example?

                                                                  Q. 1. I am new and I started chanting 1 or 2 rounds every day. I thought I am fortunate to know Krishna Consciousness but now I feel I am committing so many offenses. I feel that those who do not know Krishna Consciousness, who may not be worshiping Lord Krishna but at least they are not committing such mistakes, may be better than me. I try to think of God always wherever I am, but I am getting bad thoughts or negative thoughts about God. I fear bad things happening to me or to my family members if I do not think of God before starting any work, or before going anywhere, or if I see a picture or Deity anywhere but fail to pray. I am more worried about not getting bad thoughts while chanting or worshipping, rather than feelings of Bhakti.

                                                                  Q. On page 32 of Isopanisad Mantra 3, Srila Prabhupada talks about the word atma-sambhavita. Do devotees who have approached Krishna Consciousness with materialistic desires (for fame and recognition), and therefore fall from this path eventually, also have the same destination as the asuras?

                                                                  Q. Because of pride somebody assumed himself as great devotee. He regarded himself as an advanced devotee and cultivated enviousness. He couldn't recognize his deviations in consciousness. Because of restlessness in mind later he offended an associate, a friend. Earlier he had a taste for hearing and chanting because of his genuine humility and sincerity.
                                                                  Now he lost the taste; instead he became like a hard-hearted and uncontrollable animal. He asked forgiveness from his friend.

                                                                  In any life will he receive love of Godhead?