Mahabharata: Disqualifications of Ekalavya

                                                                  Q. In the Ekalavya pastime, it is mentioned that one should perform duties according to one's propensity and capability. However, Lord Krishna declares that it is not the prerogative of only the Brahmanas to indulge in sacred activities such as reading scriptures etc.; rather any one who can raise himself to the platform of bhakti is eligible for this. Are these not contradictory?

                                                                  Q. Since Dronacharya refused to teach martial arts to Ekalavya, therefore Ekalavya was left with no choice but to learn himself. Why was it wrong?

                                                                  Having approached Drona for instructions, Ekalavya should have deferred to his decision. When a qualified preceptor offers an assessment or order, however unpalatable or contrary to one's expectations it may be, one should be willing to honor it whole-heartedly: that is real respect. By doing so, in a mood of absolute respect, Ekalavya could have easily won the favor of Drona.

                                                                  You said, "By this prideful and independent-minded spirit, he actually proved that Drona's assessment was correct: Ekalavya was unfit to receive ksatriya training."