Lord Krishna: Promise of Krishna

                                                                  Q. Does Sri Krishna forgive anybody who seeks His refuge even after sinning? Are there sins that Krishna cannot tolerate and does not accept?

                                                                  Q. On one hand Krsna has promised us that if we reach Goloka Vrndavan through devotional process then we won't return to this world of birth and death and at the same time we all are in this material world due to our envy towards Krsna. Weren't we all originally residents of Goloka Vrindavan?

                                                                  Q. 1. Why do we drink milk from the cows? Is that not also inflicting cruelty upon them?

                                                                  Q. 1. In your Madhurya Kadambini - Hyderabad lecture you said that a person loses the taste for bhakti when he commits nama-aparadha and also there is a possibility he may turn averse to (against) guru and Krishna.

                                                                  A person may get discouraged to chant (maybe my utter ignorance and foolishness) while knowing this effect of nama-aparadha being afraid of consequences.

                                                                  Q. Regarding the recent passing away of His Grace Tamal Krishna Maharaja, how should one interpret his leaving his body in an accident? Is this karma? Do pure devotees also have karma? What mental state would maharaja have been in? It has happened all of a sudden. Will he go back to Godhead? Why such a death? How does Krishna's statement that my devotee will not perish fit in this? Lastly I am convinced Maharaja went back to Godhead but how to preach in a congregation if asked these questions?