Lord Krishna: Form of Lord Krishna

                                                                  Q. I understand that the 2 hand form of Krishna is the highest. Which form in particular? Gopinath or Syamasundara? The names of the Lord represent the relationships he enacts with his devotees, does it not? Please clarify.

                                                                  The 2-handed form of Krishna is the form in which He is known in Vrndavan. Either Gopinatha or Syamasundara (or many other names, for that matter) identify Krishna in His Vraja lila.

                                                                  Yes, names of the Lord identify His specific relationships or His transcendental qualites.

                                                                  Q. Why do you please think that God has only one best form or topmost in your religion and is the best and topmost only in the Form of Krishna, when there have been great holy people and saints who worship God not in the form of Krishna. So will all others not go to God, or will they go to a God in the form they can comprehend? It's very confusing.

                                                                  Q. What if someone is God conscious, but doesn't call God as Krishna or worship Him as the Indian-looking God?  What if they think of Him differently in their mind looks-wise, they have never heard of Vrindavan, tilak, etc.  But what if they seriously devote their entire life to God consciousness?  Let's say a Christian monk?  What happens to them when they leave their bodies? An elevated life next time around, perhaps a more elevated planet?  But no Godhead right? But how could that be? 

                                                                  Q: When Lord Krsna shows His Virat Rupa to Arjuna, obviously Arjuna does not see His two-armed form. On the other hand, Lord Krsna's universal form is so huge that it is impossible to offer any practical service to or communicate with His Virat Rupa, so I just wonder how does Arjuna offer his wonderful prayers to or express his wonder and feelings to Krsna's Virat Rupa?



                                                                  Arjuna simultaneously sees both the two-handed form, standing upon the chariot, as well as Krsna’s virat-rupa. Arjuna’s prayers are offered to the personal form.

                                                                  Q. 1. When someone says God is Nirakar (formless) and when they say that God has suddenly became man and after that slowly the men denegerated. How to express that God is like us with a spiritual body, that men and women are His creation and not that He has Himself become men and women. Please explain briefly.