Lord Krishna: Mercy of Lord Krishna

                                                                  Q. Kindly inform me on what basis we identify Krishna/Bhagavan Vigraha, which is sat chit ananda, with deity/archa which is made up of matter. I want to know the Gaudiya logic and appropriate scriptural backing.

                                                                  Q. Is it possible in Krishna Consciousness to cross all the stages of anartha nivritti in one life time and become a pure devotee? Can our efforts, along with Krishna's mercy, help us achieve pure transcendental love of Krishna in this life time itself?

                                                                  Q. By chanting without offenses one will no longer experience any suffering in this world, because one will be mercifully transferred to the abode of Lord Krishna. Does this mean that one will give up their material body and die when they attain that state?

                                                                  Q. 1. I'm wondering how individual free will factors into the verses and purports describing the species of demoniac life. Specifically BG 16.19 - 20.

                                                                  Srila Prabhupada's purport states:
                                                                  "In this verse it is clearly indicated that the placing of a Particular individual soul in a particular body is the prerogative of the supreme will."

                                                                  "As for the demoniac, it is clearly said here that they are perpetually put into the wombs of demons, and thus they continue to be envious, the lowest of mankind."

                                                                  Q. God created evil and good. If He was as merciful as he is supposed to be, then why create evil at all, put marginal souls in a vulnerable position, and then punish them when they sin? Why create us at all? If there was no existence, there would be no karma and no consequences. Did God create all of us for His entertainment?

                                                                  Q. Lord Vishnu incarnated as Buddha and preached voidism. Lord Siva appeared as Sankaracarya and preached impersonalism. Why are there different and deliberate attempts to confuse people by preaching false beliefs when they are already struggling with Maya?

                                                                  Whatever the Supreme Lord does is all-merciful, even if we may not initially understand how it is so. By hearing from His authorized representatives we can begin to understand His mercy.