Lord Buddha: Purpose of Buddha's Appearance

                                                                  Q. It is said that Buddha is one of the incarnations of Lord Krishna. If this is so, how is it that Buddha has proposed a totally different path for salvation rather than Bhakti Marga?

                                                                  Q. Lord Vishnu incarnated as Buddha and preached voidism. Lord Siva appeared as Sankaracarya and preached impersonalism. Why are there different and deliberate attempts to confuse people by preaching false beliefs when they are already struggling with Maya?

                                                                  Whatever the Supreme Lord does is all-merciful, even if we may not initially understand how it is so. By hearing from His authorized representatives we can begin to understand His mercy.

                                                                  Q. If Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha were giving a message relevant to a particular time and place, why didn't they give the name Krishna as it would have meant the solution to a lot of problems of today? Just because they didn't, does it mean that their teachings are not valid?